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Belizean Holistic Specialists in Ladyville, Belize

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Posted 1 year ago
Belmopan, Belize
You guys asked for it & now you got it! The best of both worlds!

Join us this in Ladyville this weekend and get some exfoliation & rejuvenation from the incomparable Skincare Specialist @belizeanholistictherapy and culminate the experience with a relaxing, endorphins-releasing massage from the masterful hands of Flo On The Go Massage.

Get either "The Cloud Experience" or "The Pink Cloud Experience" and leave feeling brand-new second-hand.

"Belizean Holistic Specialist is a network of professional beauty and holistic service. We connect you to some of the best service providers in Skincare, Massages, Haircare, Nail care, beauty products and so much more."

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